Offsite Exams

You may be able apply to sit your exams at a different location to your usual place of study. However, you do not have the automatic right to sit examinations at a different location, as outlined in regulation A.2.5.7 in the University of South Wales Regulations for Taught Courses

Am I eligible?

Applications will be considered if the reason falls into one of the following categories:

  • You experience death or severe illness of close relative/person of significance
  • You have mobility issues which are affecting your ability to travel
  • You are overseas as a requirement of the course of study
  • You are unable to travel to your campus of study due to employment reasons
  • You applied for your visa in a timely manner but renewal was refused – circumstances beyond your control
  • You are unable to travel to your campus of study due to political reasons within your country of residence
  • Any exceptional circumstances as agreed by Academic Registry

You will be asked to submit evidence to support your application. Examples of accepted evidence include: a doctor’s note, death certificate, letter from employer, and/or a Visa rejection letter.

Where and when can I sit my examination?

You are required to sit your examination at either a British Council Office or a Higher Education Institution who have collaborative links with the University of South Wales. A full list of these institutions is available on the University’s Academic Standards and Quality Service web pages.

What do I need to do?

  • Contact your proposed host venue and find out if you can sit your examinations there. Please be aware that the host venue may also charge for hosting you to sit your examinations. All additional fees associated with the venue must be paid by you (the student) directly to the venue.
  • The exam must be sat at the same time as it is being sat at University of South Wales.
  • Complete the online application within the timeframes listed below; please ensure you provide evidence to support your application along with confirmation from your proposed venue.

What happens after I apply?

Following your application, we will contact you via email within 10 working days advising you of the outcome. If your application is successful, the email will advise on the fee and method of payment. Following receipt of payment the Exams, Certification & Graduation Office will liaise with the venue to confirm the request, and if agreed will make all necessary arrangements.

Following payment, you should contact your chosen venue to pay any fees they may charge and to confirm the exact location of your examination.

Your exam will be run as it would be if you were sitting here at the University. Please ensure that you are familiar with the exam rules prior to the examination.

Please remember to take student ID or other photographic evidence with you to confirm your identity.

How much will it cost?

There is a £50 administration fee per application plus a £20 fee per examination, only payable if your application is approved.

Please be aware if you wish to sit examinations at multiple venues, a new application must be submitted for each of these.

Illustration of costs for an application at one venue:

Number of Examinations 1 2 3 4 5 6
Total Cost £70 £90 £110 £130 £150 170

When can I apply?

Applications must be received within the timeframes listed below. Please note that applications will not be considered outside of these dates.

The application form will be available between the below dates:

Examination Period Application Opens Application Closes
January/February 22nd November 18 3rd December 2018
May 26th March 19 2nd April 19
August 19th June 19 4th July 19

If you wish to contact us outside these times please Contact the Exams, Certification & Graduation Team

Where is the application form?

The link to the online application form will be posted below on the dates stated above. Please note that the form is not available outside of these times

Online Application Form – Not currently available