Examination Timetables - Important Information

Examination Timetable Publication Dates

If you study at a USW campus, your exam timetable for the main periods will be published online on the date detailed in the Exam Periods and Key Dates page.

Students must be available for the duration of the exam periods to sit their examinations. Adjustments for personal holidays will not be considered.

Changes to Examination Timetables

Following publication of the timetable, there may be occasions where unavoidable changes have to be made to the timetable. If this is necessary, the Exams, Certification & Graduation Team will ensure a news item is published on UniLife to advise students to re-check their timetable.

We recommend you check your personalised timetable on a regular basis. You will need to consider this if you have to make extended travel arrangements in advance of your exams.

Please be aware that the location of your examination is not confirmed until around one working week prior to the exam period. Exact dates are available on Examination Periods and Key Dates

When setting the exam timetable, the University aims to minimise the number of students who are expected to sit more than one examination in a day or on consecutive days. However this is sometimes unavoidable due to the complexity of the exam schedule.

Reporting a Problem

If there are any issues with your timetable (e.g. exam clashes, examinations appearing which you are no longer registered for, or if there are any examinations missing) then you must contact the Exams, Certification & Graduation Team as soon as possible.

Current Exam Timetable

January/February 2019 Personalised Examination Timetable