Online Enrolment Guide

Logging On

Make sure you read the online instructions carefully.

Enter your 8 digit student ID number and your password.

Course Information

Check information on the course details screen, if the incorrect course is displayed get in touch with our Advice Zone.


Confirm or enter all address details that are appropriate. Make sure you use the look up button to find your postcode. If you are staying in University Halls of Residence you need to click here to follow the required format.

Contact Details

Confirm or enter details of someone the University can contact on your behalf in case of an emergency.


All universities are required to collect this information and return it to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) . All fields in the HESA screen are compulsory and must be completed. There is help available via the underlined title links on the left of the screen.

Additional Details

There is further guidance on each of the fields available via the underlined title link.

Your Curriculum

Not all students are able to choose their modules during online enrolment. If your course has been enabled for module choice then you need to be aware that the modules you have selected are subject to availability; choices made within this service are not guaranteed and are subject to confirmation.


Check all your details are correct and make sure you read the Terms and Conditions.
Tick the box to accept and then SUBMIT

Here are some answers to some general questions you may have:-

When will I get my student loan?

For advice about when you will receive your student loan, together with general student loan information, please visit our frequently asked questions page.