Student ID Cards

The University of South Wales Student SMART ID card is multi purpose and acts as your University identification, Library card, Door Entry card and allows you access to University services and facilities.

ID cards are produced when you initially enrol at the University, however if you have not yet obtained your ID card this can be collected from your campus. You will require proof of identification in order to obtain your ID card.

Please note: All students are required to carry the card when on university premises and to produce it if asked to show identification. ID cards are mandatory for all University examinations and failure to show a valid ID card could result in your not being able to sit the exam.

What to do if you are studying at a Partner College?

If you are not studying at one of the main University campuses and require an ID card after you have initially enrolled then please contact your nearest Campus Advice Zone to arrange for an ID card to be produced. When you drop in to the Advice Zone to collect your ID card, you will require proof of identification in order to obtain your ID card.

Lost or Stolen

If your University ID card has been lost or stolen it is your responsibility to notify your Campus Advice Zone immediately.
In order to cover administration costs a fee of £5.00 is charged to replace lost, stolen or damaged ID cards. This is in all cases unless the ID card is faulty. If you have lost your ID Card, replacements cost £5 – you will need to pay online at and select ‘Student ID Card Payment – [your Campus]’. The ID card will then be printed and you will receive an e-mail to collect the new card. Please be aware that we are unable to reactivate your old ID card if it has reported lost or stolen and is subsequently recovered.

Replacement ID cards can be applied for in person and issued at your Campus Advice Zone when your payment has been approved. You will not be charged for a replacement ID card if you have changed your name via deed poll or marriage.

What to do if you find an USW student ID card?

If you find an USW ID Card please either bring the card to the Security Gatehouse (which is the building situated at the main entrance to the Treforest Campus) or drop it of at your nearest Campus Advice Zone or post it to the following address.

Security Gatehouse
University of South Wales
Treforest Campus
Rhondda Cynon Taf
CF37 1DL

Student ID card Conditions of Use
  1. Your student ID card is the property of the University and is valid until the expiry date on the card, which will be the end of your course. if you think this expiry is incorrect or needs extending please visit you local advice centre.
  2. You will be required to produce your student ID card when accessing certain University facilities on request.
  3. If your student ID card is lost or stolen you should notify your Campus Advice Zone immediately. There is a charge of £5.00 (to cover administrative costs) for all replacement cards.
  4. You should not allow anyone else to use your student ID card.
  5. Your student ID card will act as your Library Card and users of the Library must comply with Library Regulations.
  6. Your ID card will allow you to access certain buildings