You have not passed sufficient modules to be allowed to proceed to the next part of your course. You will be required to repeat modules with a status of ‘Repeat’ during the next academic session. It may be possible to substitute these failed modules with others from your course. This will be agreed and confirmed by your course leader.

What do I need to do now?

  • IMPORTANT – Read the information regarding Repeat Module Regulations – Repeat Information

  • It is advisable to make an appointment to speak to your Course Leader and /or Campus Advice Zone who can provide you with guidance and support to help you to successfully complete your studies.
  • Students studying at Partner Colleges, Partner Organisations or UNICAF should contact their usual course contact.
  • Repeat modules attract a fee. You should contact your funding body/Student Loan Company to notify them of your repeat student status as this is likely to affect your funding. For more information, see our page on repeating part of your course.
  • You will normally be required to re-enrol on your course to undertake Repeat modules. Information on re-enrolling can be found on the Online Enrolment page. Students studying at Partner Colleges or Partner Organisations should discuss enrolment with their usual course contact.
  • Information for International Students – Study Length Will be Extended – As you have not yet successfully completed all the assessments assigned to you during your last period of study you may not have enough time on your current visa to complete your studies in the UK. You should contact your Campus Advice Zone to discuss the implications of this. If you need additional time on your visa you should be prepared that you may not be able to make this extension application within the UK. You should contact the Immigration and International Student Advice team urgently to discuss your situation.