Problem Resolution

Issues Accessing the Online Results Service

If you have any other difficulties accessing or printing your results through the online service then please contact your Advice Zone.

If the official end date of your course is more than 120 days before the results are released, you will not be able to view online results. Please complete the Results Request Form. Please ensure that requests are only made after results have been officially released.

Queries Regarding your Results

I Believe my Module Result is Incorrect

If you believe that a module result is incorrect, your first port of call should be to the Module Leader. He /she will be able to explain why you have achieved the mark that you have. If after they have spoken to you they believe there has been an error, they will advise the appropriate administrator to make an amendment to your results. If there is still a problem after contacting your module leader, please contact your Advice Zone.

I Believe my Overall Grade is Incorrect

If you believe that the overall decision of the assessment board is incorrect, you have the right to appeal against the decision. For further information on the grounds for appeal and the procedure to follow please visit our page on Academic Appeals. Please note that appeals must be submitted within 10 working days from the publication of results.

If you have any initial queries about the Academic Appeal procedure, please contact your Advice Zone.

I do not Understand my Results

If after reading the Understanding my results information available online you still do not understand your results please do not hesitate to contact your Advice Zone.

Resit results – when, where and how will they become available?

The main resit period is during August, and results are considered at the September Assessment Boards and published on the set date, via the Online Results service.

For information regarding resit results outside the main resit period please contact your Advice Zone.