Suspending Your Studies

Before enrolment

After you have received your end of year results and prior to re-enrolling, if you wish to suspend your studies for the following academic year, please contact your Campus Advice Zones in the first instance. Any suspension requests at this time must be submitted prior to date you are expected to re-enrol.

During the academic year (ie, after enrolment)

If you are thinking of interrupting your studies during your academic year for personal reasons, you must make an appointment with your Campus Advice Zones . You will be required to submit an application which will require approval from both the Extenuating Circumstances Panel and your Course Leader.
Suspension of studies is not a student right and applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and have affected (or will in the future affect) academic performance. (So for example, requests to suspend studies to take a gap year would not be accepted under this process.)
Other important factors to note:
  • The maximum period of suspension is one academic year
  • Any requests will require approval from both the Extenuating Circumstances Panel and your Course Leader. This will require you to submit independent corroborating evidence.
  • During a period of suspended studies, you will not have access to the University’s services, such as Blackboard, email, Library etc
  • Students who do not re-enrol by the agreed resumption date are automatically withdrawn.
  • When a student resumes their studies after a period of suspension, your studies will take on the regulations and fees for the cohort you are joining.
  • If you have successfully completed a year of studies and wish to suspend for a whole academic year, a request must be made prior to the date of enrolment. Please contact your Advice Zones for further information.
  • We would strongly suggest you contact your Student Finance Wales/ England / Northern Ireland (Student Award Agency Scotland) / SLC as well as the University’s Revenue Unit and Student Money Advice Team who can provide you with guidance as to how this decision will affect your current tuition fees, student loans and any scholarships/bursaries or grants you’re in receipt of.
  • If you are an international student studying on a student visa, please ensure you obtain advice from the Immigration & International Student Advice.
  • Request to suspend within six weeks of the end of the academic session assessment boards will not normally be considered; students should apply for extenuating circumstances instead.
  • Where suspension is due to ill health/medical reasons or grounds on which it is deemed necessary by the extenuating circumstances panel the University requires a ‘Fitness to Study’ letter from a suitable independent professional, such as a medical professional prior to enrolment.
  • International student sponsors (where applicable) will be notified of your suspension.

University regulations governing this process can be found by visiting the University’s Regulations for Taught Courses page. Remember, if you don’ talk to us, we can’t help you!

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