2018/19 Teaching Timetable

The timetable is only accessible to enrolled students and staff of the University.
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The timetable is subject to changes if circumstances require it.

Not all activities are listed in the Teaching Timetable. There are separate Induction Timetables and Exam Timetables at relevant times of the year.

This Teaching Timetable applies to University of South Wales courses taught on our campuses. It does not apply to students studying at Partner Institutions or Distance Learners.

How to use the timetable

  • Use the 'Grid Style’ option to display your timetable in an easy-to-read way.
  • Don’t stick with the default “Full Academic Year” option, but select individual weeks, or terms, for ease of use. Once teaching starts use This Week or Next Week.

This 1-minute video shows you the most user friendly method of displaying the timetable:


This 4-minute video shows you how to interpret your timetable:

Download a Guide to Reading Your Timetable (PDF format)

You can display the timetable for “full academic year”, or by term, or by week. If it looks like there are more than one thing taking place at the same time in a full year / term view, then there are differences between weeks. Try viewing the timetable week by week.

  • Timetable listings include the module code, lecturing staff names, room location and week numbers.
  • Timetable Week Numbers start in the middle of summer, so the start of teaching is not week one.
  • You can use the 'Find a Room' tool to identify where a room is located.


If you are a new student, you will be allocated to a Student Group during induction week. That is one of the reasons why it is crucial for you to attend your academic induction sessions!
If you are a returning student, your Student Group is likely to be determined by your module choices.

If you want to talk to someone about Student Groups, you can try contacting your Course Leader. His / her details will be in the Course Handbook on UniLearn.

However, even without knowing the exact group, you can still learn some things about your timetable online.

  • You can display several groups at the same time.
  • This can help you identify compulsory modules, and you may see whether any particular days or half days are free for all groups.
  • For returning students, each combination of module choices generates its own Student Group
  • Returning students may need to know the module codes of their chosen optional modules to identify their Student Group

This 4-minute video shows you some examples:


This is usually due to classes which run in the same time slot, but in different weeks. Sometimes, the only change is that a different lecturer delivers the class in a particular week, at other times you may find that the room is different for one week.

To avoid confusion, try displaying the timetable for one week at a time, rather than “Full Academic Year”.

The timetabling system uses Week Numbers which are based on an academic calendar. Term does not start in week one as the academic year 'rolls over’ during the summer break and some courses run during this time e.g. BN Nursing or postgraduate.

In the timetabling tool, you can see how week numbers relate to dates in two places: When you “Select Week(s)” before you view the timetable, and in the top right corner of the timetable where you can see which week(s) are being displayed.

For an overview, download the 2018-2019 timetabling calendar

Also, see the term dates page to find the term dates for standard courses.

This 2-minute video explains Timetabling Weeks:

All rooms are prefixed with the campus code, followed by the building prefix then the room number. For the Newport City campus the floors in each building are pre-fixed with a letter.

CA Cardiff
CA A Atrium A Block
CA B Atrium B Block
CA D Atrium D Block
GT Glyntaff
GT AB Aneurin Bevan (Lower Glyntaff)
GT AW Alfred Russel Wallace (Upper Glyntaff)
GT BK Bernard Knight (Upper Glyntaff)
GT EM Elaine Morgan (Lower Glyntaff)
GT GK George Knox (Upper Glyntaff)
GT TS Tramsheds (Lower Glyntaff)
NC Newport City
SP Sports Park (Tyn y Wern, on Treforest Industrial Estate)
TR Treforest
TR B Brecon
TR D Dyffryn
TR E Eynon
TR G Glynneath
TR H Hirwaun
TR J Johnstown
TR K Kidwelly
TR SP Sports Centre
TR TC Ty Crawshay
WP Williams Price Business Park (by Treforest Train Station)
WP IH Innovation House
WP PH Prospect House
WP EH Endeavour House
WP CC Chiropractic Clinic

Use the Find A Room service to identify which campus, building and where in the building a room is.

If you copy and paste the room number from the timetable into Findaroom, results are not always perfect. If your search returns no results, return to the Home page of Find A Room service and select the relevant campus/building.

  • For Newport City rooms, add a “C” (NCC instead of NC).
  • If you leave out the letters indicating the campus, FindaRoom may return rooms on the wrong campus (e.g. “B10” is a room number which exists in Treforest, Cardiff and Newport).

Students can check what modules they are enrolled on, along with module codes Here

Available module choices (and module details) are detailed in your Course Handbook

Alternatively, you can search the comprehensive Course and Modules Database to find the code from the module title, or vice versa. Or via Blackboard

If you have any queries about the teaching timetable, or to report any problems/issues, please contact your Advice Zone

If you have questions about Student Groups, you can contact your Course Leader.